Wellness Tech Panel Discussion

by Tech Beach

One of the most prominent conversations in the tech world today is the impact of our always-on-hand devices. Our supercomputer-phones often serve as both filter and delivery mechanism for work and personal interactions, and some argue that this might not be so good for us.

Yet some companies are now using the capabilities of our smartphones to combat these same ills, including mobile apps that may help us reduce stress and improve our mental well-being. Resulting, hopefully, with technology helping users lead healthier lives.

On our panel will be two founders who have built products that do just that.

Julie Sharma is the co-founder of mediation.live, an app that provides live and interactive meditation and movement classes for the workplace.

Mike Dannheim is the co-founder of Sensie, the world's first way to measure and elevate how you feel with smartphone sensors.

During our discussion we will learn why these founders decided to focus on building wellness technology products and how leveraging this kind of technology may lead to huge benefits for users both personally and professionally.

Wed, Nov 6
WeWork Lincoln Road
350 Lincoln Road Miami Beach, FL 33139